Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetic Therapy is an effective treatment that works to identify and treat the root cause of your symptoms. Biomagnetic Neuro Códica™ is a simple and effective therapy that helps to restore emotional and psychological balance.

Biomagnetic Therapy

Some of the conditions that can be improved with Biomagnetic Therapy include:

Chronic illnesses (including Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue), autoimmune illnesses, many forms of chronic pain, digestive issues, fertility issues, sinus infections, low energy and many other conditions, complexes and disorders.

Biomagnetic Neuro

Biomagnetic Neuro Códica has helped people experiencing issues such as:

Anxiety, low confidence, depression, fear, loneliness, obsessive compulsive disorder, memory issues, panic attacks, phobias, stress, and many other conditions, complexes and disorders.

Quantum Biomagnetic Therapy

Quantum Biomagnetic Therapy treatments take place energetically, meaning that I work from my clinic whilst you rest in the warmth and comfort of your own home. I have been working for years with wonderful results, helping clients with many of the same conditions I would see during in-person sessions.